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Berfin Evrim

​I recently graduated with Integrated Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture (Design Computing) from Pennsylvania State University. Throughout my education, I have improved hand and digital drawing skills and 3D modeling abilities. Additionally, I had an opportunity to apply her skills in a professional field while having internships in Turkey. I had contributed to the design process of civic, cultural, residential, and commercial buildings. Furthermore, I provided research support in her department by handling orthographical drawings of modern time precedents that used the double-skin façade technologies.


My research focuses on 3D weaving techniques to optimize the design of a seating unit with finite element method inspired by biological principles to achieve material efficiency with maximum strength in compression, tension, and deflection with utilizing 3D printing TPE on interlaced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Jute.


Moreover, her interpersonal and communication skills have helped her to function well as a team member. She is detail-oriented, systematic. She has experienced leadership as a vice president in the Turkish Student Association. After the leadership experience she had, she believes that she has strong problem solving and time management ability.

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